Construction Delivery

Construction of our sites lead by our management team is performed across a mix of ZEM Energy performed work, and works carried out by specialised suppliers and subcontractors. The selection of partner subcontractors is based on deep industry experience and capability in their field of expertise. Key to success is our ability to leverage our relationships so that we operate as a seamless team. ZEM Energy is particularly focused on ensuring that the local communities benefit as a result of our projects.

Wind Farm

ZEM Energy has strong capability and experience in the design and construction of the balance of plant for large scale wind farms. The balance of plant typically describes the scope of work including the medium voltage (MV) collector system from the wind turbine generator through to the wind farm substation along with the associated civil works. The civil works typically include the access tracks, crane hardstands and wind turbine foundations. It may also include the logistics of in country delivery of the wind turbines to site along with their erection and/or the high voltage (HV) grid connection which would typically include a transmission line, network substation and/or a switching station.

Solar Farm

ZEM Energy has the capability in the design and construction of the balance of plant for large scale solar farms. The balance of plant in this context typically describes the electrical connection from the solar cells through to the solar farm substation and the associated connection to the grid through transmission lines. This would include a switchroom containing secondary switchgear to collect the inverted DC to AC power at the substation from designated collector inverter stations across the site. It would also typically encompass the civil preparation of the site including access tracks along with the supply and installation of the mounting frames.

Battery Storage

The evolution currently taking place in renewable energy is the innovation of battery storage at a Macro and Micro Grid level. This enables renewable energy plants to provide scheduled power when it is most required from a stored source. As battery technology continues to improve ZEM Energy is ready to take part as supplier and constructer of these systems to both network providers and private consumers. The genesis of mass produced electric cars will further enhance the research and development of battery systems and increase power demand driven by the need to charge these vehicles.

MV Powerlines & Transmission Lines

Related to the wind and solar scopes of work, MV powerlines can be incorporated into the connection of the collector groups to the substation depending on development approval conditions of the site and the owner's requirements. Transmission lines often form part of the project scope to connect the primary HV voltage to the regulated HV network connection point. These Transmission Lines include steel Monopole and Lattice Tower designs ranging from 66kV through to 500kV.


ZEM Energy also has the ability to design and construct new substations as well as the augmentation of existing substations. Such work would typically encompass primary plant, primary power transformers and switchroom buildings which contain the secondary collector system switchgear, the protection and the site wide SCADA equipment.