Design Management

The team at ZEM Energy includes highly credentialed and experienced designers who are able to assist our customers with their design management requirements.

Preliminary & Concept design

ZEM Energy can provide customers with preliminary concept and design information for the balance of plant, delivering innovative solutions that provide greater surety for project time frames and cost without compromising quality.

Detailed Design

Once a project has been awarded, our engineering team go to work providing a list of project design and procurement deliverables, which in turn drive the project schedule. These deliverables enable procurement and 'For Construction' documents to achieve timely construction work to occur. Safety in design is a key factor of our designs to ensure a safe installation for the operational life of the plant.

Power Systems Engineering & Analysis / Network Studies

Our engineers are experienced in power systems engineering and analysis to be able to advise our clients on the needs of the electrical system to be able to connect the generators to the network. The high end computational tools used in this analysis may include CYMCAP, DigSilent and CDEGS.

Specialist Wind Turbine Foundation Design

Employing the deep experience of our people and our strong links to specialists in the field, ZEM Energy is able to provide advice in relation to the most suitable type of turbine foundation for a particular project, balancing the needs of construction with what may be technically feasible. This most often presents itself in understanding whether rock anchor technology is feasible along with a design that best meets the geotechnical conditions specific to each project site.