ZEM Energy has assembled an experienced team with unparalleled Australian renewable energy experience, that has been involved in 2GW of onshore wind in Australia. Our team are committed to excellence and will pursue this in all aspects of their work - from initial consultation, through to project completion.

Construction Delivery

Construction of our sites lead by our management team is performed across a mix of ZEM Energy performed work, and works carried out by specialised suppliers and subcontractors. The selection of partner subcontractors is based on deep industry experience and capability in their field of expertise. Key to success is our ability to leverage our relationships so that we operate as a seamless team. ZEM Energy is particularly focused on ensuring that the local communities benefit as a result of our projects.

Design Management

The team at ZEM Energy includes highly credentialed and experienced designers who are able to assist our customers with their design management requirements.

Cost Estimation

The ZEM Energy team's experience and partnerships enables us to provide customers with accurate balance of plant cost estimation, risk and sensitivity analysis.

Project Management

Our experienced professionals are able to provide advanced project management skills for our clients to help them to achieve their project objectives. Project cost, timeframes, quality and risk are considered for, through the Concept, Design, Implementation and Commissioning stages.