ZEM Compass

The ZEM Compass embodies our pursuit for excellence in all we do and encompasses factors that we deeply value, specifically - Safety, Quality, Environment and Community.


ZEM Energy is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our people, our clients and others who are involved with, or who may be affected by our projects. We will engineer our work in such a way that prioritises safety by providing:

  • A safe and healthy workplace;
  • Appropriate instruction, supervision and practical guidance in work health and safety best practices; and
  • Opportunities for consultation on health and safety matters at work.


ZEM Energy will work to do the job right, first time. Our operational governance will ensure clear line of sight on all jobs, and the team are guided by a sense of accountability and responsibility for themselves, each other, the client and the community.


At the very heart of ZEM Energy's mission is a desire to progress the energy sector into a zero emission industry. ZEM Energy will seek to carry out work in a way that considers any impact on the environment and actively seeks opportunities to mitigate or minimise impact. This includes the development and utilisation of construction techniques that minimise carbon emissions, for example, low emission concrete.


One of ZEM Energy's key values is to realise and utilise the power of people, and this includes the communities in which we work. To this end, ZEM Energy will always seek ways in which the local community can benefit from our work, and pursue opportunities to leave a positive and lasting legacy.